Boyle_blueshirt2Journalist Patrick Boyle is a driven veteran who has earned awards for news, features, investigative reporting and essays. He has devoted his career to illuminating the struggles and accomplishments of those in need: anyone afflicted by poverty, illness, violence or misfortune, particularly children.

Patrick is quite Irish, so he loves to talk about his stories and story-telling wherever one or more people gather: TV, radio, classrooms and workshops. Familiar with actuarial tables, he strives to elevate the work of younger colleagues as a teacher and mentor.

He has done this as:

  • a staff reporter for daily newspapers;
  • editor of a community weekly and of  a national news service for people who work with kids;
  • a freelancer for the likes of The Washington Post, The New York Times, CNN, The Baltimore Sun, and Child and Parenting magazines;
  • author of the book that uncovered the history of sex abuse in the Boy Scouts;
  • communications specialist for nonprofits;
  • a  columnist and Huffington Post blogger;
  • an adjunct teacher and fellowship mentor, and
  • a workshop facilitator and panel moderator.