On Assignment – Selected Stories

Boy Saved from Fire Brought Back to Life

An unconscious boy tossed from window of burning apartment is revived by a neighbor.
The Washington Times

  • 1st place, Spot News, SPJ Washington
Scouts Honor

Newspaper series and book reveal history of sex abuse and cover-up in the Boy Scouts of America.
The Washington Times

  • 1st place, Series, Maryland‑Delaware‑D.C. Press Association
  • 1st place, Reporting on Interpersonal Violence, University of Missouri, Science School of Journalism;
  • 3rd place, Series, National Headliner Awards
  • Honorable Mention, Investigative Series, National Newspaper Association
For Juvenile Justice, a Panel of One

The head of a federal agency bypassed his staff’s recommendations to award grants to favored organizations.
Youth Today

  • Lead story in a project that spurred a congressional investigation
Homicide `Survivors’ Have Only Their Grief, Each Other

A reporter embeds with a therapy group for people who’ve lost loved ones to murder.
The Washington Times

  • Honorable Mention, Features, Maryland‑Delaware‑D.C. Press Association
Runaways from Public Care Leave Agencies Lost

Young people routinely run away from government care, such as foster homes and residential treatment facilities, stymying providers and endangering kids.
Youth Today

  • Third Place, Features, American Society of Business Publication Editors
When Little Hands Get in the Way

A dad struggles with the frustration of trying to get things done with the unrequested help of his sweet toddler.
Long Island Child & Parents magazine

  • 1st Place, Opinion, SPJ Long Island
What sex abuse scandals teach us

After being smacked in the face by wave upon wave of sex abuse scandals for the past decade – from schools to churches to youth groups – it’s time to ask: Have we learned anything?

Snapshot of a Montgomery County Speed Trap

A driver who lives near one of Maryland’s most prolific speed cameras explains why he keeps getting caught.
The Washington Post